Flash Fun 02/04/2005
  Been learning to program with Flash some. The menu on the left is kind of sophomoric, but making it I learned how to float stuff using layers, how to animate menus in flash and lots of other stuff. The buttons I made in Bryce 5, creating a 3-D animation of them and varying the ambience of the glass portion to make it glow and fade. Imported that AVI into flash and made a movie clip out of it, then turned that into a button =). Overall it was lots of fun figuring out how to make the drawer slide in and out on cue, but with a little programming got it working pretty well.

Now I want to start actually working on a look for the site, now that I have some of the basic fuctionality out of the way. Also need to work on content for all the menus. See ya later.

  Shallow End Begins 01/07/2005
  Hey, I am finally starting work on my website. The site is just gonna be a place for me to keep/access information I want to use. As well as a place where I can share stuff with friends and family. ATM nothing is actually set up, none of the links work, I am just working on design. Hopefully will have some content available in a week or so.